We have been breeding this very special breed since 1993. And I have owned at least one Chihuahua for the previous 25 years. I am well acquainted with these cute little "fur-kids".

We have both the Short coat and the Long coat Chihuahuas. There is no real difference between them, except for the length of their fur. We strive to produce top quality dogs for show/breeding and companion. Our aim is to breed our Chihuahuas according to the Chihuahua Standard. With that in mind we also concentrate on personality and health. And I would like to thank all those breeders that have been in our lives and contributed to the Armoso line.

We have found that feeding our dogs natural and fresh food has improved their over-all health and mental well-being. We expect no less from someone buying one of our pups.

Our dogs are first and foremost our beloved pets that are treated with compassion and understanding of who and what they are.

We are member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club. And all our dogs and puppies are registered with the CKC. It is the CKC by-law that all CKC breeder must supply all puppy owners with CKC papers. Be aware of fraudulent "breeders".

I love to "talk Chihuahua", so if you have questions about the breed in general or if you have questions about our kids, we would love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting,
Linda and Paul Trachsel